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For this reason, we have developed criteria and built a framework of values that provides a basis for our activities. Values that we demand not only from ourselves, but also from our partners and stakeholders.

T h e F r a m e

With “The FRAME”, ORASIS Industries has defined its strategic pillars until 2030 in order to be successful as an organization.


We have a clear purpose

Our purpose “Technologies that matter” stands for our conviction that the right technology can enable a better future for both the planet and its people. For this reason, we, as a group of companies, have set ourselves the goal of furthering “technologies that matter”. In other words, technologies that enable the socio-political problems of our time to be solved through technology.

This concept serves as a guiding principle for everything we do & unites us all under a shared North Star for the future. Our purpose guides us both in major strategic decisions, such as portfolio management or the long-term orientation of the Group, as well as in various aspects of our day-today operations.

Technologies that matter


Firm values and attitudes

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We share a common set of values and attitudes and are united by a common set of professional beliefs and principles of collaboration, which we intend to develop further in the future. Because only through a shared value system can we, as one entity, work effectively to realize our vision.

Responsible &


Curious &

Individually &


Professional &


Diverse &



A clear commitment to sustainability

Our view on sustainability is defined by an ESG framework. “FAIR” applies to the entire Group, includes People, Planet and Prosperity and also integrates selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We believe in a future-oriented approach based on sustainability and responsibility. Our vision is to fundamentally change the industry and promote sustainable change. We are proud to conduct our business in line with these principles and actively work to shape a better future for our planet.

The 3 pillars of sustainability





17 SDGs

  • Future – We shape it
  • Ambition – We cultivate it
  • Innovation – We champion it
  • Responsibility – We demonstrate it


Embedded in the megatrends of our time

We keep an eye on the future, track megatrends and actively incorporate them into our activities. But we are not satisfied with just following the megatrends and are also working to drive sustainable megatrends to proactively have a positive impact on the future of our planet.

Our five selected megatrends are divided into three “content-related” & two “enabling” trends. More specifically, ASTOTEC is pursuing the two content-related trends “Mobility” & “Safety”, while Komptech is focusing on “Circular Economy”. The two enabling trends “New Work” & “Connectivity”, on the other hand, are applied across the entire Group.


Specified financial targets

Targets can be diverse, but our highest economic objectives are “profitable growth and financial stability”. We are convinced that growth by all means is not the right approach, but that instead it only really furthers the development of the Group in combination with increasing or at least constant profitability. In addition, we are constantly working to ensure the financial stability of the Group in order to guarantee an attractive financial rating for our investors at all times.

By focusing on this target system, ORASIS remains flexible enough to act when attractive opportunities arise. A necessity in order to achieve our ambitious growth targets.


Maximize impact

Due to the lean holding structure, it is essential for us to focus on maximizing the impact of our activities. This intended maximization is also defined in our credo “Impact >1” and describes our constant efforts to achieve a multiplying effect of our activities through our way of working. It not only applies to the collaboration with our business units by empowering them with our support, but also to our approach towards the environment. For example, instead of “only” offsetting our emissions with certificates, we enable a greater and, above all, more sustainable impact for the planet by investing in in-house solutions for CO2 reduction.



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